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Talk about the production technology and flow of plastic woven bag


plastic woven bags are very common in our lives, a variety of industrial packaging, agricultural packaging, food packaging are inseparable from it, its manufacturing process is also quite complex. Let's talk about the production process and process of plastic woven bags, as described below.

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Plastic woven bags are made of plastic woven fabric, so the production process of plastic woven fabric is particularly important, it is a new PP or PE raw materials for plasticizing extrusion → water bath cooling → first traction → wire cutting → hot drawing → second traction → heat setting → cold roll cooling → third traction → winding → waiting for various bag making procedures.

PP woven bag production process and flow: printing → cutting → sewing → woven bag. Depending on the equipment used, you can cut → print first, or print → cut first. Automatic cutting and sewing can continuously complete the printing → cutting → sewing and other processes, and then make square bottom bags, valve pockets, etc., for flat woven fabric can be made after seam bonding.

Plastic woven bag making process indicators are mainly the external tolerance size, seam bottom and seam edge pulling force, the clarity of printing ink and the cleanliness of other parts after printing, the accuracy of the layout position, the stitching stitch, the needle distance and the stitching needle, broken thread and other deficiencies.

On the whole, the process of plastic woven bags is relatively complicated. From the selection of raw materials, made into woven cloth, and then made into various packaging types, in the entire production process, the technical parameters and indicators of each process have a very important impact on the woven bag finished product.

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