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What is a multi-layer paper bag?


What is a multi-layer paper bag? The paper used in multi-layer paper bags can be divided into food grade and industrial grade, and more kraft paper bags are used. Kraft paper includes white kraft paper, natural kraft paper, imported kraft paper, domestic kraft paper, extendable kraft paper and so on. Various bag structures can be made by different processes according to the individual requirements of different products.

multi layer paper bag

The common custom structure is three layers of four layers of paper bags, in the layer or inner layer of the bag, you can add pe film, aluminum film or PE lined bag and other bag making process to meet the protective performance of the packaging of the filling product.

Multi-layer paper bags: Multi-layer paper bags are usually used for solid dangerous goods and powder product packaging. For example, dangerous goods: rubber vulcanization agent, pesticide, oxalic acid, sodium hypophosphate, calcium oxide, potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, barium nitrate and other product packaging). For example, food grade: flour, milk powder, cocoa powder, cream powder, baking powder, plant fat powder, citric acid, MSG and other product packaging.

In general, multi-layer kraft paper bags have a strict process manufacturing, and the material used is mostly kraft paper, kraft paper does not have good permeability, and can effectively organize the damage to the surrounding environment after the leakage of dangerous goods.

With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the packaging of dangerous goods. Good packaging is extremely important for transporting dangerous goods. In industrial transportation, multi-layer paper bags are often used to transport dangerous goods.

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