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The difference between PE bags and PP bags


PE bags and PP bags are often used in industrial packaging, agricultural and sideline product packaging, and food packaging. PE bags and PP bags may not be very different on the surface, the essential difference between them is whether they can directly contact edible food. Let's talk about the difference between PE bags and PP bags.

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The materials of the two bags are not the same. The main material composition of PE bag is polyethylene, and the main material composition of PP bag is polypropylene. PP bags show a translucent state before they are not colored, and the quality is lighter than polyethylene and harder than polyethylene. When the PE bag is not colored, it is milky and translucent, and it will have a smooth feeling with the hand, and the transparency is very good.

Different uses. PP bags are often used as raw materials for woven bags or packaging for cosmetics, food, toys, clothing, etc. The PE bag can be used for the packaging of daily necessities.

PP bag is easy to burn, high quality, not easy to scratch. The PE bag is flexible, strong tensile, can be used for food packaging, the most common food cling film, cling bag is PE material, it is tasteless and non-toxic, very safe for the human body.

PE bags and PP bags have been widely used in industry, agriculture and food, but the two bags are used in different areas of packaging. PE bags are healthier than PP bags, so they are often used as food packaging. Therefore, in life, the food bags we see are mostly PE bags.

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