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Introduce the characteristics of the valve pocket


valve pocket, commonly known as: paste bottom bag, is the current international popular packaging bag, feed from the top or bottom valve, using special filling equipment, filling materials into a cube, pile neatly, beautiful, has improved packaging efficiency, convenient transportation, strong firmness, low damage rate, moisture-proof and waterproof characteristics, belonging to the environmental protection bag.

Introduce the characteristics of the valve pocket.

square valve bag

Reasonable mechanical structure: In the drop test drop test, all parts of the square bottom valve pocket are equal strength state, its gravity distribution is uniform, no stress concentration phenomenon, from the structural design is more reasonable. The test shows that the solidity of the bottom valve made of different materials is 1-3 times that of the sewn bottom bag.

Improve the stacking stability: the shape of the square valve bag is reasonable, the material bag is brick, the stability of the stacking is obviously better than that of the bottom flat bag, avoid the phenomenon of slipping, and can realize automatic palletizing and pallet loading and unloading.

Maximum utilization of storage capacity: Because the pockets of the square bottom valve are stacked neatly, the utilization of storage space is improved, and it is easy to transport.

Self-reliance: Because the bottom of the kraft Paper Valve Bag is rectangular, it is stable and not easy to leak during bagging and disassembly.

Easy identification: It is easy to find and identify after the design trademark of the veneer position, and has the role of decorative advertising.

valve bag has a wide range of customers, covering chemical (carbon black, titanium dioxide, zirconium silicate, silicon carbide, silicon dioxide, alumina, iron oxide pigments, etc.), building materials (insulation materials, cement, putty powder, gypsum, interface agent, etc.), agriculture and animal husbandry (rice, flour, feed, fertilizer, etc.) and many other industries.

Especially suitable for packaging food powder, chemical powder, fertilizer, synthetic materials, food, salt, minerals and other powdery or granular solid materials and flexible items. Especially suitable for export enterprises to use, can improve the packaging grade of products. It can greatly improve the filling environment and the health of workers, and has the characteristics of improving packaging efficiency, convenient transportation, strong firmness and low breakage rate.

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