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  • Multi-specification Wheat Plastic Woven Bags
Multi-specification Wheat Plastic Woven Bags

Multi-specification Wheat Plastic Woven Bags

Plastic polythene packaging bags are essential for various industries due to their versatility and durability. These sacks made from polythene propose a dependable way of storing and moving different types of goods. Plastic polythene packaging bags which are light in weight with exceptional resistance against moisture content plus chemicals make them perfect for packing items like food materials, agricultural produce among others.
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plastic polythene packaging bags are essential for various industries due to their versatility and durability. These sacks made from polythene propose a dependable way of storing and moving different types of goods. Plastic polythene packaging bags which are light in weight with exceptional resistance against moisture content plus chemicals make them perfect for packing items like food materials, agricultural produce among others.

These packages come in all sizes and configurations so that they can meet various demands from different sectors. Whether you need small packets meant for an individual item or large sacks intended for bulk storage; it is possible to have plastic polyethylene packages customized accordingly to your needs. Furthermore, you may choose those with zippers, handles or printing options that will help you brand or label your products.

Plastic Polythene Packaging Bags Parameters:

Product color: 1-4 colors
Finished size: length 450-910, width 350-600, bottom width 80-180
Pattern customization: plastic woven bags can be customized according to customer requirements

Plastic Polythene Packaging Bags Factory Information:

Brand: OEM

Place Of Origin: China

Industry Application: Cement

Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag

Raw Materials: High Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Bag

Bag Variety: Upright Bag

Application: Chemical

Feature: Bio-Degradable

Material: PP

Shape: Square Bottom Bag

Plastic Polythene Packaging Bags Features:

Precision Manufacturing:

Weaving ultra small mouths at each square centimeter with 64 needles having a diameter of 0.62mm.

High Strength: 

These Plastic Wheat PP Woven Bag are highly durable and robust enabling them to bear heavy loads as well as resist impact forces.

Prevention Against Outside Line: 

Polypropylene Wheat Packaging Bags are Designed to prevent outside lines so that the inner content is secured from contaminants and damages which may be caused by external elements.

Moisture Proof: 

Being resistant to moisture penetration, these Plastic Wheat Flour Packaging Bag can therefore store or transport items under different environmental conditions.

Corrosion Proof: 

Such kind of packet should be used for packing goods that may corrode since it does not easily get destroyed by rusting agents due its corrosion proof nature.

Excellent Skid Resistance: 

Wheat Packaging Bags has good skid resistance, hence preventing sliding during handling or transportation.

All-round Design: 

Having a sealed rear cover and either of filling mouth (inner or outer), Plastic Wheat Packaging Bag are capable of packaging different materials conveniently because they are versatile in terms of design.

Where we use Plastic Polythene Packaging Bags:


For the purpose of packaging and transporting agricultural products such as cereals, seeds, fertilizers and animal feeds.

Food industry: 

It is best suitable for packing foodstuffs like flour, rice, sugar, pulses, snacks or frozen foods for safe storage during transportation.

Building and construction sector: 

In this area, they are used to pack materials such as cement, sand, gravel aggregates etc., ensuring strong and reliable containment.

Tear-resistant polypropylene bags

Plastic Polythene Packaging Bags FAQs:

What are made of Plastic Polythene Packaging Bags?

Plastic polyethylene packaging bags are typically made from a very changeable and strong polymer used all over the world for packing.

What sizes do you have in Plastic Polythene Packaging Bags?

They come in different sizes that can be as small as a pouch or as big as a sack depending on what one wants to wrap and the industry it falls under.

Is recycling possible with Plastic Polythene Packaging Bags?

Definitely yes, many plastic polythene packaging bags can be recycled, but this depends largely upon local facilities and regulations regarding such activities too.

Can I customize my Plastic Polythene Packaging Bag?

Yes, these bags can be personalized through printing options like having logos, brands names as well barcodes which will serve specific requirements based on branding needs also labeling required during products identification process.

Are they good for keeping foodstuff?

Absolutely! plastic polyethene package bags are designed for storing food items especially grains such rice beans snacks cereals pulses frozen etcetera thus providing clean safe storage conditions.

Are they water-resistant?

Exactly! Most commonly known property is its moisture resistance ability making it appropriate where materials need to be guarded against being damaged by dampness either during storage or transportation period hence termed waterproofing agent.

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