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High Quality Woven Plastic Bags

High Quality Woven Plastic Bags

PP Woven Fabric Bag, also known as woven plastic bags, is a common packaging solution utilized in the cement industry. These bags are manufactured using high-quality polypropylene resin as the raw material. The process involves extruding and stretching the resin into flat filaments, which are then woven into a durable plastic woven cloth. This woven cloth serves as the base material for the bags, which are further compounded using a casting method.
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PP Woven Fabric Bag, also known as woven plastic bags, is a common packaging solution utilized in the cement industry. These bags are manufactured using high-quality polypropylene resin as the raw material. The process involves extruding and stretching the resin into flat filaments, which are then woven into a durable plastic woven cloth. This woven cloth serves as the base material for the bags, which are further compounded using a casting method.

These PP woven fabric bags meet the qualifications for exporting general commodity packaging and adhere to national quality standards. Additionally, production can be tailored to meet specific user agreement standards upon request. The effective length of the woven bag is typically available in various sizes, including 800mm, 914mm, 975mm, and 1100mm. Furthermore, production can be organized according to the specific needs and requirements of customers.

The width of the bags is customizable based on customer preferences and application specifications. PP woven fabric bags offer robustness, durability, and reliability, making them ideal for packaging cement and other bulk materials. They provide effective protection against moisture, dust, and other external elements, ensuring the integrity and quality of the packaged products during storage and transportation.


Product Parameters:

Product color: 1-4 colors
Finished size: length 450-910, width 350-600, bottom width 80-180
Pattern customization: plastic woven bags can be customized according to customer requirements

Factory Information:

Brand: OEM

Place Of Origin: China

Industry Application: Cement

Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag

Raw Materials: High Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Bag

Bag Variety: Upright Bag

Application: Chemical

Feature: Bio-Degradable

Material: PP

Shape: Square Bottom Bag

PP Woven Fabric Bag Features:

Ultra-Fine Mouth Option: 

Capable of producing ultra-fine mouth openings, with precision down to every 1 square centimeter. This feature ensures precise and controlled filling of cement or other materials.

High Needle Density: 

With the ability to pierce 64 needles per square centimeter, each needle boasting a diameter of 0.62mm. This high needle density enhances the bag's strength and durability, ensuring PP Woven Laminated Bag can withstand the weight and pressure of bulk materials.

High-Quality valve pockets: 

These PP Woven Heavy Duty Empty Cement Bag feature high-quality valve pockets that offer numerous advantages, including high strength, impact resistance, prevention of external leaks, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent slip resistance. These properties ensure the safe and secure transportation and storage of cement.

Sealed Back Cover: 

PP Woven Cement Bag Equipped with a sealed back cover that provides additional protection against impacts and prevents leakage. The neat back cover and fine workmanship ensure the integrity of the bag, minimizing the risk of product loss or contamination.

Customizable Filling Mouth: 

The filling mouth of the Customized laminated 50kgs pp woven cement bag can be tailored to suit specific requirements, with options for inner or outer filling mouths. Additionally, funnel-shaped filling mouths can be incorporated for convenient and efficient material filling, reducing the risk of leaks and enhancing productivity.

Double Protection Mechanism: 

With the combination of a sealed back cover and high-quality valve pockets, these Polypropylene Woven Fabric for Cement Packaging offer double protection against leakage and damage, ensuring the safe and reliable packaging of cement and other materials.

Where we use PP Woven Fabric Bag:

Cement Manufacturing Plants: 

Utilized for packaging bulk quantities of cement produced in manufacturing plants before distribution to wholesalers, retailers, and construction sites.

Construction Sites: 

Employed for transporting cement to construction sites where it is used in various building projects such as residential, commercial, and infrastructure developments.

Wholesale and Retail Distribution: 

Used by wholesalers and retailers for packaging and selling cement to end consumers, including contractors, builders, and DIY enthusiasts.


Strong woven plastic bags

PP Woven Fabric Bag FAQs:

What are PP Woven Fabric Bags made of?

PP Woven Fabric Bags are made of polypropylene (PP) material, which is a type of thermoplastic polymer known for its strength, durability, and resistance to tearing and puncturing.

What is the weight capacity of PP Woven Fabric Bags?

PP Woven Fabric Bags come in various weight capacities, typically ranging from 10 kilograms to 50 kilograms or more, depending on the specific requirements of the cement or other bulk materials being packaged.

Are PP Woven Fabric Bags moisture-resistant?

Yes, PP Woven Fabric Bags are inherently moisture-resistant due to the properties of polypropylene material. However, additional measures such as laminating or coating can be applied to enhance moisture resistance further.

Can PP Woven Fabric Bags be customized with printing?

Yes, PP Woven Fabric Bags can be customized with printing, including company logos, product information, handling instructions, and safety warnings. This customization enhances brand visibility and communicates important information to end-users.

What are the advantages of using PP Woven Fabric Bags for cement packaging?

The advantages of PP Woven Fabric Bags include strength, durability, moisture resistance, customizable printing, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness compared to traditional paper bags or other packaging materials.

Are PP Woven Fabric Bags recyclable?

Yes, PP Woven Fabric Bags are recyclable and can be processed into new products after use, contributing to sustainability efforts and reducing environmental impact.

Can PP Woven Fabric Bags be reused?

Yes, PP Woven Fabric Bags can be reused for various purposes such as storage, transportation, or other packaging needs, provided they are in good condition and free from contamination.

What is the lifespan of PP Woven Fabric Bags?

The lifespan of PP Woven Fabric Bags depends on factors such as usage, handling, and storage conditions. With proper care, these bags can be used multiple times before reaching the end of their usable life.

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