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The use of paper plastic bags and the use of paper plastic bags precautions


paper plastic bags are now more and more widely used in our production and life, and it is an irreplaceable packaging supplies in the packaging industry. Compared with other packaging bags, paper-plastic bags have better insulation, texture is lighter and more convenient than other packaging bags, and better elasticity and toughness make it easier to process. Next, Blue rhyme packaging for you to introduce the specific use of paper plastic bags and paper plastic bag use precautions.

When it comes to the use of paper plastic bags, it can be said that it is very extensive. In the field of building materials chemical industry, paper plastic bags can be used as cement, putty powder, dry powder, mortar and other packaging bags; In the field of food packaging, paper-plastic bags can be used for rice, wheat, flour, feed, food additives and other bag packaging. In daily life, paper plastic bags can also be used as umbrellas, travel bags and temporary tents.

Although paper plastic bags are useful, we still need to pay attention to the following points when using them:

1, because the paper plastic bag is a paper plastic product, so in storage and transportation, we must pay attention to fire prevention.

2, in the process of use, in order to avoid the leakage of materials, it is necessary to avoid sharp objects touching the surface of the paper plastic bag.

3, in the loading of powdered materials, such as cement, flour, in the plastic bag need to add a layer of pe bag, to prevent dust and pollution.

4. for the paper plastic bags that are to be reused after recycling, the clean paper plastic bags need to be deeply cleaned by professional recycling businesses before they can be used.

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