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  • High Density Plastic Woven Bag
High Density Plastic Woven Bag

High Density Plastic Woven Bag

Brand: OEM
Place Of Origin: China
Industry Application: Cement
Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag
Raw Materials: High Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Bag
Bag Variety: Upright Bag
Application: Chemical
Feature: Bio-Degradable
Material: Pp
Shape: Square Bottom Bag
  • Product Description

Plastic woven bag flat yarn process: raw material modification, blending, coloring, filling, formulation, anti-aging, anti-degradation problems, temperature, pressure, flow regulation control and rheological behavior of extrusion process, power consumption, Productivity issues, draft ratio, blow-up ratio, draft ratio, crystallization cooling, orientation, heat treatment setting issues, forming during winding and spindle quality inspection and other technical issues.
The flat yarn process, also known as the yarn making process, is the first and most important process in the production of plastic woven fabrics. There are two types of flat yarn production methods according to the film forming method, tube film and flat film, according to the cooling method after film forming, air cooling, water cooling and intercooling, according to the drawing heating method, there are hot plate, hot roller, hot air, according to the heating method. Spindle winding is divided into three types: centralized cycloid winding, single-spindle torque motor winding, and magnetic torque winding.

Product information:
Product color: 1-4 colors
Finished size: length 450-910, width 350-600, bottom width 80-180
Pattern customization: plastic woven bags can be customized according to customer requirements

Product Usage:
valve bags are widely used, and more and more industries choose to use valve bags because they are durable and not easy to break. Guangdong Yeston woven bags are widely used in the cement bag industry.

Custom High Density Woven Bag

●Can make ultra-fine mouth, every 1 square centimeter
●64 needles can be pierced, the diameter of each needle is 0.62mm
●Good valve pockets are of good quality and have the advantages of high strength, impact resistance, prevention of external lines, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and good slip resistance.
●Sealed back cover, impact resistance, neat back cover, fine workmanship, double protection to prevent leakage.
●The filling mouth can be made into inner filling mouth or outer filling mouth according to your needs, and the funnel-shaped filling mouth can conveniently fill materials, which is not easy to leak, and is fast and convenient.
Our main products include Kraft Paper Valve Bag, WPP Valve Bag, Kraft Paper Bag with Plastic Liner, cement woven bag, woven valve bag, kraft paper cement bag, etc.

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HomeProducts WPP Valve Bag High Density Plastic Woven Bag




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