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High Density Plastic Woven Bag

High Density Plastic Woven Bag

Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags, or else referred to as High Density Plastic Woven Bags, are packaging solutions that have proven to be useful and reliable because they can be used in several ways in the cement industry. These bags are made from high-density polypropylene (HDPP) which provides excellent strength, tear resistance and durability thereby making it possible to keep heavy loads such as cement.
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woven polypropylene gunny bags, or else referred to as High Density Plastic Woven Bags, are packaging solutions that have proven to be useful and reliable because they can be used in several ways in the cement industry. These bags are made from high-density polypropylene (HDPP) which provides excellent strength, tear resistance and durability thereby making it possible to keep heavy loads such as cement.

In addition, due to their woven nature these type of bags possess a higher level of structural integrity over others like them; this ensures that no substance escapes through the sack wall during transportation or handling while also preventing any leakages from occurring throughout the process. Also, being resistant against moisture and other environmental elements plays an important role in preserving cement quality even under demanding environments.

They come with light weight features hence easy handling leading to reduced transport costs incurred during shipment cycles where many packages need to be moved around frequently. Despite having lightweight designs still they are strong enough for use within various industrial settings that require heavy duty applications of such kind of containers.

Custom High Density Woven Bag

Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags Parameters:

Brand: OEM

Place Of Origin: China

Industry Application: Cement

Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag

Raw Materials: High Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Bag

Bag Variety: Upright Bag

Application: Chemical

Feature: Bio-Degradable

Material: Pp

Shape: Square Bottom Bag

Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags Features:

Great Resilience: 

These PP Woven Gunny Bags for Packing are made of high-density polypropylene (HDPP), which is very strong and durable for containing heavy things like cement.

Tear Proof: 

The material used in making these PP Woven Bag Waterproof is woven polypropylene that’s resistant to tearing thus reducing the chances of getting damaged while being handled or during transportation.

Moisture Proof: 

Cement can be affected by moisture, these Woven Polypropylene Bags however resist moisture as well humidity hence protecting it from moisture content related spoilage during storage or transit.

Light Weightedness: 

Laminated Woven PP Bags made out of polypropylene although tough are light in weight thus reducing costs incurred during transport besides making them easier to handle.

Environmentally Friendly: 

One can recycle a woven bag made from propylene over and over again thereby reducing waste materials used up as well contributing towards sustainability through re-use.


Branding, product information and labeling printing options may be integrated into these Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags so that identification becomes easy while marketing also becomes possible.

Cost Saving Measures: 

Considering durability, performance alongside affordability within the construction industry for cement packaging; gunny woven with PP threads proves to be cost-effective.

Where we use Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags:

Cement Packaging: 

These sacks are used mostly for the wrapping and conveying of powdered cement. Their strong build and resistance to tearing and moisture makes them perfect for holding and guarding cement while it is stored or being transported.

Construction Sites: 

In construction sites, woven polypropylene gunny bags are necessary when it comes to storing cement. Contractors and builders rely on them to transport easily or distribute cement conveniently for different construction undertakings like foundations of buildings, roads, bridges among others.

Cement Manufacturing: 

At cement manufacturing plants these sacks have a vital role in packing finished products ready for distribution and sale. They ensure safe packaging that is effective so as not to compromise quality during transit until it gets to the end-user.


Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags FAQs:

What are the components of Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags?

Normally, Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags are produced from high-density polypropylene (HDPP) which is an extremely strong, durable material that has good resistance to tearing.

Can Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags resist moisture?

Yes, they can. These bags have got resistance against moisture and humidity that is why they are used for packaging cement and other items which may be spoiled by dampness.

Is it possible to recycle Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags?

Certainly! Most of them can be recycled and reused thus helping in environmental conservation through waste reduction.

What sizes do Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags come in?

To cater for different quantities of cement, Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags are available in various sizes. The common ones include 25kg and 50kg as well as larger bulk sizes for industrial use.

Can you personalize Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags?

Yes, you can. These bags can be printed on with branding options such as product information or labels thereby making them easily identifiable during marketing campaigns.

How are Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags used within the cement industry?

They are used for packing and transporting cement powder thus providing a tough and reliable way of storing/distributing it within construction sites.

Are Woven Polypropylene Gunny Bags good for storing things over a long period?

Absolutely! Their strong build together with ability to resist moisture makes them perfect for keeping large amounts of bulk cement in warehouses or any other storage facilities where such materials may need to be stored indefinitely.

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