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The difference between plastic woven bag and color printing woven bag


First of all, let's understand the bag making principle of plastic woven bags.

Plastic woven bag is made of polypropylene resin as the main raw material, which is extruded and stretched into flat silk, and then woven and bagged.

buying plastic woven bags

Ordinary plastic woven bags are relatively high in reuse, but the recycled plastic woven bags are easy to break, and the plastic woven bags made of no new materials are high in strength. Consumers should ask clearly when buying plastic woven bags!

Color printing woven bag is in the plastic woven cloth surface more than a layer of film coating process, woven cloth can be combined with opp film, pearl film, matte film, paper film, etc., into color printing woven bag, its characteristics are remarkable: with moisture-proof, mildew proof, convenient stacking, not easy to slip, reduce damage, good finish, can be used repeatedly; Can be used with PE lining bag (high pressure or low pressure).

Whether it is plastic woven bags, or color printing woven bags, are widely used in: cement, feed, fertilizer, chemical building materials powder, engineering plastics, rice, flour, putty powder, paint, food packaging, geotechnical engineering, logistics and transportation, daily necessities, flood resistance materials and other industries and fields, the application range is very wide.

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