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What are the features of the square bottom valve bag?


What are the features of the square bottom valve bag? As follows:

Reasonable mechanical structure: In the fall and drop test, the parts of the square bottom valve bag are in a state of equal strength, the gravity is evenly dispersed around, and there is no stress concentration phenomenon, which is more reasonable from the aspect of structural design. Experiments have proved that the firmness of square bottom valve bags made of different materials is 1 to 3 times higher than that of sewn bottom bags.

square bottom valve bag

Low cost: According to the specification and surface area calculation results of the two bag types of square bottom valve bag and sewn bottom flat bag, it is proved that due to the reasonable bag structure of the square bottom valve bag, the bag shape of the filling material is brick, and the bag shape of the sewing bottom flat bag, the surface area utilization rate of the square bottom valve bag is significantly better than that of the sewn bottom flat bag under the same product volume.

Good environmental performance: due to the special valve port design of the square bottom valve bag and the special quantitative filling equipment, it can effectively improve the operating environment of the operator. The valve port of the other square bottom valve bag is reasonable in structure, and can be automatically closed after filling materials, without manual stitching of the bag mouth. From the broken bag situation, according to multiple statistics, the damage rate of the seam bottom flat bag in the loading and unloading and transportation process is about 6%, and the square bottom valve bag is less than 2%, which not only reduces the material loss, but also reduces the dust pollution to the environment. Also avoid the use of sewing thread, PVC seals and other materials. The valve bag is a relatively single packaging material at present.

Improve the production efficiency of bag making: integrated bag making equipment, no need to manually fold the bottom, paste the bottom, can quickly make bags and ship.

Improve stacking stability: the square bottom valve bag shape is reasonable, the bag is brick-shaped after loading, the stacking stability is obviously better than the seam bottom flat bag, avoid the phenomenon of slip bag, and can realize automatic stacking and pallet loading and unloading.

Make full use of storage capacity: Because the square bottom valve bags are stacked neatly, the utilization rate of storage space is improved, and it is convenient for containerized transportation.

Strong self-reliance: Because the bottom of the bag is rectangular, it is stable and not easy to leak when filling and unpacking.

Easy to identify: It is easy to find and identify the printed trademark after the design of the square bottom position, and has the role of decorative advertising.

In summary, the square bottom valve bag is an ideal packaging container for powdery and granular solid materials, which drives economic and social benefits.

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