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What is a coated bag? What are the materials of the coated bag?


The coated bag is a kind of bag type which is formed by a layer of PP and opp film, pearlite film, matte film, and paperproof film on the surface of woven bag, paper-plastic composite bag and kraft paper bag, etc., after crimping and laminating process, reheat sealing. It is a kind of loose packaging container, with moisture-proof, beautiful and generous, clear printing, bag surface flat and other characteristics, is one of the more popular packaging materials in China.

coated packaging bag

coated packaging bag can replace cardboard, bucket packaging, that is, effective cost saving, but also more convenient in loading and transportation. PE lining bag can be added inside the coated bag, with good strength, waterproof and moisture-proof and other superior characteristics!

Coated packaging bags are very suitable for packaging powder, granular, flake, block and other materials, such as building materials powder, chemical raw materials, engineering plastics, fine minerals, nanomaterials, food additives, feed additives, pharmaceutical additives and other industries.

In summary, the film coated packaging bag has anti-moisture performance, and can protect the bag surface printing is not easy to drop ink, wipe flowers and other phenomena, on the other hand, it also improves the strength of the bag, and the bag body can bear greater weight.

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