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  • Degradable Plastic Cement Packaging Bags
Degradable Plastic Cement Packaging Bags

Degradable Plastic Cement Packaging Bags

Cement Laminated woven bags are versatile and eco-friendly packaging solutions widely utilized in construction and industrial sectors. These bags are produced from woven polypropylene (PP) fabric that is laminated with a thin plastic film to increase strength and durability yet it still retains some degree of flexibility.
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Cement laminated woven bags are versatile and eco-friendly packaging solutions widely utilized in construction and industrial sectors. These bags are produced from woven polypropylene (PP) fabric that is laminated with a thin plastic film to increase strength and durability yet it still retains some degree of flexibility.

As they are designed for carrying or storing a wide range of bulk materials including cement, sand, grain or chemicals, laminated cloth bags perform well with increased tear resistance and puncture resistance. Additionally, the process of lamination adds an extra level of protection against moisture preventing dampness during shipping as well as storage that may contaminate inside contents.

Another important advantage which makes laminated woven bags popular among consumers is their ability to degrade naturally. With natural sunlight exposure, heat exposure over time, these types of bags constructed from biodegradable plastic substances will gradually decompose minimizing environmental effects occurrence due to landfills buildup.

Laminated Woven Bags Parameters:

Product color: 1-4 colors

Finished size: length 450-910, width 350-600, bottom width 80-180

Pattern customization: plastic woven bags can be customized according to customer requirements

Laminated Woven Bags Factory:

Brand: OEM

Place Of Origin: China

Industry Application: Cement

Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag

Raw Materials: High Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Bag

Bag Variety: Upright Bag

Application: Chemical

Feature: Bio-Degradable

Material: Pp

Shape: Square Bottom Bag

Laminated Woven Bags Features:


PP Woven Laminated Bag are made from woven polypropylene (PP) fabric, which provides excellent tear resistance and puncture protection, ensuring that the contents remain secure during transportation and storage.

Moisture Resistance: 

Meanwhile, the process of lamination adds a thin layer of plastic onto the woven material, to provide a barrier against moisture absorption that would lead to water degradation in its contents hence making it suitable for packaging cement alongside other construction materials.


On the other hand, these Custom Laminated Woven Bag are made out of degradable plastic materials that naturally decompose over time with exposure to sunlight, heat or humidity. This helps reduce environmental impact and minimize waste filling up landfills.


Futhermore, different prints can be put on laminated woven bags thus companies benefit from customizing logos to aid in branding their products as well as for product identification purposes.


Polypropylene Laminated Cement Bags offer affordable packaging solutions compared to traditional options such as paper or jute bags. They are also light-weight meaning that they require less cost in terms of transport as well as reducing labour burdens on corporations.


One can reuse laminated woven bags several times hence extending their life span further while reducing overall packaging waste on Earth.


Laminated Polypropylene Cement Bags can be used for more than just cement packaging since they are also appropriate for sand, grains chemicals among others used in construction and industrial sectors.

Where we use Laminated Woven Bags:

Cement Industry: 

Laminated woven bags are extensively used for cement packaging because of their strength, water resistance, and durability. As a result of laminated woven bags these commodities remain unaffected by moisture as well as any other contaminants during the process of moving or storing them.

Construction Sector: 

Building sector has seen many applications of these sacks in packaging and moving items such as aggregates, gravel, sand, construction chemicals etc. They are made bulky for use with heavy and sharp materials.

Agriculture and Agrochemicals: 

In the agricultural sector, these bags serve to package seeds, grains, animal feed, and fertilizers; their strength ensures that farming produce is safely stored or transported. Their resilience guarantees safekeeping and distribution of farm goods.


Industrial Eco-Friendly Cement Bag

Laminated Woven Bags FAQs:

Are laminated woven bags biodegradable?

Certainly, the plastic materials used to make these bags are degradable and on degradation, they contribute very little to environmental pollution through accumulation of waste over time.

What are the merits of cement packaging using laminated woven bags?

These bags remain strong enough even in presence of moisture keeping away any kind of contamination which might damage cement from it. They also happen to be cheap for buying purposes as well as can be made in different designs.

Can laminated woven bags be used again?

Yes, these bags can be reused many times prolonging their lifetime together with decreasing packaging waste. They are hard-wearing and can endure rough handling hence can serve different uses more than once.

Apart from cement, are laminated woven bags best for packing other stuffs?

Laminated woven sacks prove flexible in that they can carry quite a number of things among them sand, gravel, aggregates, chemicals, fertilizers, agricultural products and food items; minerals and ores including waste products.

Do laminated woven bags provide moisture or contaminant protection?

The lamination on these types of carriers is water-proof so that when transporting them contents will always remain free from any form of pollution brought about by humidity.

Are there options available for customization of the laminated woven bags?

Indeed yes, it is possible to print various things on this type such as company logo or name, product features and usage guidelines among others for easy identification.

Can heavy duties use laminated woven bags?

In most cases they are typically preferred due to their very high strength properties thus serving special functions like bulk material transportation (packaging), construction debris carrier hence industrial dumpers as well as mining output holders since these materials resist tearing under tough conditions.

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