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Kraft paper bag classification and definition


In industrial packaging, kraft paper bags are made by gluing and stitching. Kraft paper bag is a flexible packaging container, second only to corrugated boxes in paper packaging containers. It is widely used in industrial packaging, and there are many kinds, let's talk about its classification and the definition of different classifications.

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Shape classification of kraft paper bags in industrial packaging

Square bottom kraft paper bag: it overlaps the seam along the length direction, each side is directly folded flat, the bottom fold into a hexagon, the square bottom bag is opened into a square bag surface, which can be placed upright, and the top part is open and closed. Commonly used for packaging granular and powdery materials (such as mineral powder, food additives, chemical resins, cellulose and other product packaging).

M-shaped folding kraft paper bag: the side of the bag length direction is folded into a three-sided fold in an M-shape, when used, the paper bag can expand into a square bag surface, and generally has a larger volume. Suitable for large size material filling.

Valve port kraft paper bag: the surface of the bag is closed, and a valve port is left at one end of the upper and lower ends. The material is filled into the bag at the valve port. After the item is filled, the valve port is automatically closed by squeezing the internal material. It is often used for the packaging of particulate matter and powdery materials (such as putty powder, cement, plaster, zircon sand, etc.).

Classification by the number of layers of kraft paper bags

Single-layer kraft paper bag: used by single-layer kraft paper with woven cloth, pe lined bag, paper bag and aluminum foil.

Double kraft paper bag: with two layers of kraft paper bag set made of bags, its sealing and strength is better.

Multi-layer kraft paper bag: made of multi-layer kraft paper bag set bag, the number of layers can reach 3 ~ 6 layers, belongs to the heavy-duty bag. Commonly used in cement, fertilizer, food and pharmaceutical additives, dangerous chemicals and other materials packaging.

Classification by use

Sales packaging kraft paper bags: It is for the purpose of selling goods, and has higher requirements for paper, pattern, text and printing to attract customers' attention.

Storage and transportation of kraft paper bags: for the purpose of warehousing and transportation of goods, generally for large packaging or heavy packaging, the strength and toughness of kraft paper bags are relatively high. Often used for a variety of bulk items, such as building materials, cement, chemical raw materials and other materials packaging.

Classification by material

pure kraft paper bag: directly use pure kraft paper to make bags.

Composite kraft paper bag: The use of plastic film, woven cloth and kraft paper composite bag, with waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, mildew proof, good barrier performance. Suitable for all building materials powder, chemical raw materials, medicine, food and other industrial and agricultural product packaging.

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