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Production technology and acceptance standard of cement woven bag


The cement woven bag is first printed by the woven cloth, then cut, and then stitched to become the woven bag. It can be made into seam bottom bag, valve pocket, square bottom bag and other bag types according to user needs, and can be made into the flat woven fabric after the middle seam bonding. The printing process is usually letterpress.

cement woven bag

Next, take a look at the acceptance standards for cement woven bags.

The warp and weft flat wire of the cement woven bag has no broken wire and cracks, and the film coating layer or coating layer has no folds.

There was no phenomenon of needle removal, broken thread, incomplete stitching or unfolded stitching.

The pattern and content of cement woven bag should be consistent with the design layout.

Check whether the font is clear, free of mistakes, obvious spots and gaping.

The cement woven bag is less than or equal to 78 grams, and the film is not less than 6 grams/square.

No composite width is insufficient, obvious shedding, pores and hard pieces, double-sided composite film is greater than 5mm of the substrate and other phenomena.

Bag length, bag width, bag mouth size in line with the standard value (except the size separately negotiated by both parties), positive and negative within a reasonable range, will not be affected.

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