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  • Square Bottom Kraft Paper Valve Pocket
  • Square Bottom Kraft Paper Valve Pocket
Square Bottom Kraft Paper Valve Pocket

Square Bottom Kraft Paper Valve Pocket

Environmentally friendly and tough, the Reinforced Brown Paper Bags are a square bottom kraft paper valve pocket that can package a variety of products. These are made by a combination process of manufacturing bags for packed commodities thereby making them very strong.
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Environmentally friendly and tough, the Reinforced brown paper bags are a square bottom kraft paper valve pocket that can package a variety of products. These are made by a combination process of manufacturing bags for packed commodities thereby making them very strong.

The square bottom bag design improves steadiness and allows it to stand upright hence convenient for storage or display purposes. They can be described as bio-degradable which provides an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to packaging materials.

These sacks have been made using polypropylene plastic bag raw material strengthened with craft paper giving them good durability against tears. This mix ensures that while items are being moved from one place to another through different means like road transport among others; the packaged goods remain intact because these covers will not easily break even if they rub against rough surfaces during handling.

Flexible and can pack powders, granules, fertilizers, seeds among other things but also animal feeds thus making it more versatile than any other type of reinforced brown paper bags available in the market today. The earth-friendly qualities together with its solidness makes this kind preferred by most businesses looking forward into sustainable packaging solutions.

Square bottom paper valve pocket

Reinforced Brown Paper Bags Parameters:

Brand: OEM

Material: Paper

Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag

Bag Variety: Upright Bag

Feature: Bio-Degradable

Shape: Square Bottom Bag

Raw Materials: Polypropylene Plastic Bag

Reinforced Brown Paper Bags Features:

Strong Build: 

Woven polypropylene plastic reinforces the bags, making them strong and tear-resistant so as to hold heavy items or those with sharp edges.

Environmentally Safe: 

These Cement Paper Bag degrade biologically which provides an earth-friendly option for regular plastics used in packaging and reduces pollution through lower waste accumulation rates.

Box-shaped Base: 

Having a square bottom design ensures stability by allowing the bag to stand upright on its own meaning it can be stored or displayed conveniently without tipping over and spilling its contents.

valve pocket

A pocket with a valve is included in the bag for better filling efficiency especially when dealing with powdery or granular substances. Reinforced cement bag paper allows controlled pouring as well as sealing thus minimizing wastage while keeping products fresh.

Composite Packaging Bag Making Process: 

Cement 25kg Paper Bag are made using composite packaging bag making process which guarantees high level workmanship & reliability during manufacturing them.

Upright Bag Variety: 

Versatility is one of the features that come with these Multiwall Industrial Paper Sack because they can be used for different purposes such as packing fertilizers, seeds among others that require being packaged in powdered or granulated form.

Raw Materials Of Good Quality: 

Kraft Brown Paper Bag Cement together with polypropylene plastics are some examples of high-quality raw materials from which this type of container is produced thereby giving it exceptional performance and durability properties necessary for safe storage & transportation of packed items.

Where we use Reinforced Brown Paper Bags:

Food Industry: 

These bags are used to pack different foodstuffs like cereals, flour, rice, pulses and condiments. Their square-bottomed design coupled with their biodegradable nature make them perfect for eco-friendly food packaging.

Agriculture Sector: 

Brown reinforced paper bags find use in packing seeds, fertilizers, animal feed among other things used in the agriculture sector. They can stand upright because of their square bottom which eases storage within warehouses or retail shelves.

Retail and Packaging: 

In retail stores, these sacks are often employed to package large quantities of goods such as pet food items; snacks as well as dry groceries. The presence of a valve pocket ensures that filling is easy while dispensing remains intact during transportation too.


Reinforced Brown Paper Bags FAQs:

Can these bags be used for packing heavy things?

Yes, these bags can pack heavy things without breaking or falling apart due to their strong build and square-bottom design that prevents tearing.

Is it possible to pack food with this bag?

Yes, they are biodegradable and can be used to package grains, flour, rice, lentils, spices etc. meant for consumption. They do not harm human health when in contact with food besides being eco-friendly.

How are these bags manufactured?

They go through an amalgamation process of making composite packages so as to achieve better workmanship levels and reliability during construction.

Can you recycle this bag?

Yes, because it is biodegradable and can therefore be recycled along other papers or plastics thus providing environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Do these bags come with a valve pocket feature?

Yes they do have valve pocket feature which allows for easy filling and discharging of powdery or granular substances thereby improving efficiency in packaging systems.

What is the raw material for these bags?

Polypropylene plastic is used together with reinforced kraft paper in order to make them strong enough but still keep eco-friendliness intact.

Can one use these bags for retail packaging purposes?

Certainly! These types of packages commonly found at retail outlets where large quantities may need to be put into single containers like pet feed stores among others; snacks too should not miss out on this opportunity either since they fit well upright display rack units designed specifically for dry groceries storage areas within such establishments could benefit greatly from using square bottom shaped varieties which allow easier stacking onto shelves while occupying lesser space than would otherwise have been required had rectangular shaped ones been employed instead.

Is printing customization possible on these bags?

Definitely! Printing options available may include logos belonging companies themselves; product details relating thereto as well brand names under which particular items fall among other things that help improve visibility towards different products associated with given brands altogether attracting more customers towards purchasing said goods.

Can you pack chemical products in these bags?

Yes, they are appropriate for powdered chemicals like fertilizers and industrial materials too where necessary precautions must be taken during handling them due to their hazardous nature which calls for reinforced construction thus ensuring safe containment while transportation gets done accordingly.

Do these bags have a moisture-resistant lining?

These types of packages do not come with moisture resistant lining though it is possible to add extra coatings or liners if need arises.

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