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  • 4+1 Plastic Liner Kraft Paper Cement Bag
  • 4+1 Plastic Liner Kraft Paper Cement Bag
4+1 Plastic Liner Kraft Paper Cement Bag

4+1 Plastic Liner Kraft Paper Cement Bag

The 4+1 Plastic Liner Cement Bags 25kg is a specialized solution for packing and storing cement.  This bag uses high-quality materials in its construction thereby providing durability, strength, and content protection.
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The 4+1 Plastic Liner Cement Bags 25kg is a specialized solution for packing and storing cement.  This bag uses high-quality materials in its construction thereby providing durability, strength, and content protection.

This bag is made up of several layers which combine the strength of kraft paper with additional safeguarding of a plastic liner surrounding it. Basically, an outer layer usually consists of a kraft paper that makes it firm enough besides being tear resistant thereby enabling maintenance of shape throughout handling or transportation processes.

A polyethylene (PE) plastic liner sits inside the kraft paper layer so as to protect against moisture penetration into cement sacks during storage or transportation which might lead to dampness within such bags resulting into product contamination. Moreover this PE lining adds more strength plus puncture resistance capabilities hence ensuring safety measures are met regarding packaging integrity while dealing with different types or sizes 

4-ply cement bag

Cement Bags 25kg Parameters:

Supply Ability & Additional Information

Productivity: 800 million per year

Transportation: Ocean,Land

Place of Origin: Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province,China

Certificate: ISO 9001:2015

HS Code: 4819300000

Payment Type: L/C,T/T,D/P,Money Gram,Western Union


Cement Bags 25kg Features:

Strong structure: 

This General Purpose Cement 25kg Bag is made up of four kraft paper layers and a polyethylene (PE) liner which adds extra strength to the package so that it can withstand being moved about or stored without any problems with the cement coming out.

Moisture Resistance: 

With water or humidity being two things that ruin everything, there should be a cover to prevent either from entering and this is where the PE liner comes in. Such resistance against moisture keeps even rainy days from affecting quality or integrity of cement.

Toughness against tearing: 

The outermost layer being kraft papers means that they are very unlikely to be torn therefore reducing chances of puncturing thus enhancing durability as well as safety during transit where spillages may occur due to weariness on part of carrier.

More stable: 

When something is four-ply, Cement 25kg Plastic Bag does not only become stronger but also gains stability hence making sure whatever was put inside remains intact until destination reached notwithstanding how long such journey might take since along way there shall arise many bumps which could easily have shaken contents loose were packaging not good enough in terms both design as well execution thereof.


Kraft paper together with polyethylene liner used while making bags ensures Cement 25kg bag is an option for environmentally friendly packaging. Recycling can be done on these materials because they decompose naturally over time thereby reducing pollution caused by other types like plastics whose breakdown takes ages under specific conditions only found certain places.

Where we use Cement Bags 25kg:

Construction Business: 

These cement bags are widely used in the construction industry for packaging and transporting cement, mortar, and other construction materials. During storage and transportation to building sites, they provide a dependable means of containing and shielding cement.

Infrastructure Projects: 

Roadways, bridges, dams and buildings are among the significant infrastructure projects where cement bags come in handy. They make certain that large quantities of concrete are safely delivered at construction sites for use in various applications.

Residential Construction: 

Cement bags are important in residential constructions which require activities like masonry works; plastering; flooring among others. In small to medium sized projects, 25kg size is manageable enough giving just sufficient amount needed for different uses of cement.


Cement Bags 25kg FAQs:

What is the composition of a cement bag with 4+1 Plastic Liner Kraft Paper?

A 25kg cement bag has four layers of kraft paper for strength and a polyethylene (PE) liner for moisture protection. It is designed this way to last longer while in storage or being transported.

How does the polyethylene (PE) liner help the cement bag?

The PE liner acts as a barrier against moisture which stops humidity and water from getting into contact with the cement. This characteristic ensures that the cement remains usable and maintains its quality especially in areas where there is high humidity or during prolonged storage periods.

Can 25kg Cement Bags be used for long distance transport?

Yes, these bags are suitable for carrying cement over long distances. The strong construction of four layers of kraft paper plus one layer of plastic ensures durability and stability when it comes to transporting this product to different parts of the country or even beyond our borders.

Can we recycle 25kg Cement Bags?

Though we can recycle the kraft part, it may not always be possible to do so with regard to recycling facilities available locally vis-à-vis regulations governing environmental conservation around us. Nevertheless, sound waste management practices should be upheld alongside efforts aimed at minimizing negative impacts on our surroundings through appropriate disposal methods as well as adoption of best recycling approaches wherever applicable.

Can 25kg Cement Bags be used for bulk storage?

Certainly, these bags can serve as containers for keeping large amounts of cement together. Such bulk storages require having items that are made from materials which can withstand being affected by moisture; hence their preference over other types whenever there is need to store such products within warehouses or any other places where they might come into contact with water droplets over a considerable period thereby compromising their integrity.

Is it possible to have branding or labeling on 25kg Cement Bags?

Yes, printing options like logos, brand names among others can be included during customization process of these bags in order to meet different branding as well labeling needs within various industries. Nevertheless, depending on the manufacturer’s technical capacity, there might be variations regarding what extent one could personalize them further.

Which are some of the industries that commonly utilize 25kg Cement Bags?

Construction industry , infrastructure development sector, manufacturing enterprises as well export-import ventures frequently employ this kind package while packing or moving cement from one place to another. Such bags offer reliable solutions for many applications found within such sectors.

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