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  • 2 Layers Kraft Paper Valve Pocket OEM
  • 2 Layers Kraft Paper Valve Pocket OEM
2 Layers Kraft Paper Valve Pocket OEM

2 Layers Kraft Paper Valve Pocket OEM

Your needs can be met by Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bags that are adaptable for many different purposes. They have been constructed with a 2 Layers Kraft Paper Valve Pocket OEM design and feature a Polypropylene Plastic Bag lining, which makes them durable and dependable for different applications. Cement, industrial materials or agricultural fertilizers can easily transport using these bags while displaying your branding features through custom printing. This is because besides their bio-degradable nature they give potential to serve as an eco-friendly choice. Whether on building sites or at farms, practicality and environment consciousness go hand in hand when it comes to packaging requirements through the usage of such branded kraft bags.
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custom printed kraft paper bags

Your needs can be met by custom printed kraft paper bags that are adaptable for many different purposes. They have been constructed with a 2 Layers Kraft Paper valve pocket OEM design and feature a Polypropylene Plastic Bag lining, which makes them durable and dependable for different applications. Cement, industrial materials or agricultural fertilizers can easily transport using these bags while displaying your branding features through custom printing. This is because besides their bio-degradable nature they give potential to serve as an eco-friendly choice. Whether on building sites or at farms, practicality and environment consciousness go hand in hand when it comes to packaging requirements through the usage of such branded kraft bags.

custom OEM valve pocket

Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bags Parameters:

Brand: OEM

Material: Paper

Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag

Bag Variety: Upright Bag

Feature: Bio-Degradable

Shape: Square Bottom Bag

Raw Materials: Polypropylene Plastic Bag

Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bags Features:

Durable Construction: 

This is ensured by two-layer Kraft Paper Valve Pocket OEM design and fortified with Polypropylene Plastic Bag lining, which makes the bags sturdy and resistant to tearing and puncturing, thus safely containing heavy materials like cement, industrial items or agricultural fertilizers.

Customization Options: 

Branding, logos or product information can be custom printed on these Kraft Paper Bags For Cement to help businesses advertise their brands in a big way and also pass on messages that are of great importance to clients.


Transporting cement, industrial materials or agricultural fertilizers among other uses have made these bags versatile enough to suit various industries’ packaging requirements.


Custom Printed Cement Bags are therefore environmentally sustainable because they are bio-degradable. As an alternative for conventional plastic packing, these align with businesses towards green initiatives in addition to consumer preferences.

Secure Closure: 

This ensures that there is no spillage during handling or leaking during transportation with the aid of valve pocket design; hence it minimizes wastages of products as well as making logistics efficient.


These Custom Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags offer a cheaper packaging solution because they come in durable form, can be customized and are environmental friendly when compared with its counterparts.

Consumer Appeal: 

The presentation of the goods gets a boost when using custom printing options combined with the natural look and feel of Kraft paper bags; this will attract consumers thereby increase product desirability at store shelves.

custom OEM valve pocket

Where we use Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bags:

Construction Sector: 

These bags are commonly used for packaging and transporting cement, sand, gravel, and other construction materials to construction sites. The durable construction and secure closure make them ideal for heavy-duty use in the construction industry.

Industrial Packaging: 

Custom printed kraft paper bags are utilized for packaging various industrial materials such as chemicals, minerals, polymers, and powders. The sturdy design and customizable printing options ensure safe containment and effective branding of industrial products.

Agricultural Sector: 

Farmers and agricultural suppliers use these bags for packaging and transporting fertilizers, seeds, grains, and other agricultural products. The bio-degradable nature of kraft paper bags aligns with sustainable agricultural practices, making them a preferred choice in the agricultural sector.


Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bags FAQs:

What are custom printed kraft paper bags made of?

Custom printed kraft paper bags feature a 2 Layers Kraft Paper Valve Pocket OEM design, reinforced with a Polypropylene Plastic Bag lining. This combination ensures durability, moisture resistance, and eco-friendliness.

Can these bags withstand the weight of heavy materials like cement or industrial goods?

Yes, these bags are designed to withstand the weight of heavy materials, including cement, industrial goods, and agricultural fertilizers. The sturdy construction and reinforced design ensure secure containment during transportation and storage.

Are custom printing options available for these bags?

Yes, these bags offer customizable printing options, allowing businesses to add branding, logos, product information, or promotional messages. The printing can be done on one or both sides of the bag, with the flexibility to choose from 1 to 8 colors.

Are these bags bio-degradable?

Yes, these bags are bio-degradable, as they are primarily made from kraft paper, which is a natural and renewable resource. The bio-degradability of these bags aligns with eco-friendly packaging practices and sustainability initiatives.

What applications are these bags suitable for?

Custom printed kraft paper bags are versatile and can be used for various applications, including packaging cement, industrial materials, agricultural fertilizers, grains, seeds, and dry food products. Their durability and eco-friendly nature make them ideal for a wide range of industries.

Can these bags be recycled?

Yes, these bags can be recycled, contributing to environmental sustainability. The kraft paper component is biodegradable and recyclable, while efforts can be made to recycle the polypropylene plastic lining separately, depending on local recycling facilities.

Do these bags come with a valve pocket design?

Yes, these bags feature a valve pocket design, which provides a secure closure mechanism and prevents spillage or leakage of contents during handling and transportation. The valve pocket design enhances the bags' usability and convenience.

Are these bags suitable for outdoor storage?

Yes, these bags are suitable for outdoor storage, as they offer moisture resistance and durability. The polypropylene plastic lining protects the contents from water ingress, ensuring product integrity even in outdoor environments.

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